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seo search engine optimization step by step
How to Create an Effective SEO Strategy In 2022.
Most of the content ranking for increase website traffic listed bite-sized traffic tips. But my post gave them a high-level process. This wasnt the user experience search engine visitors wanted. So I rewrote my content to match this keywords Search Intent. Specifically, I turned my process into a list post.: And now that my content matched Search Intent, it ranked in the top 3 for my target keyword.: Which led to a 70.43 boost in search engine traffic compared to the old version of the post.: You can and should publish content with Search Intent in mind right out of the gate. In fact, thats what I did with this post: The Ultimate SEO Audit. I saw that most of the content ranking for SEO Audit listed out non-technical steps. So I included simple strategies that anyone could use.: And this Search Intent optimization helped my post crack the first page of Google within a month. Step 7: Focus On Content Design. The design might be the most underrated part of content marketing. You can have the best content ever written. But if it looks like this. its usually not going to get much traction.

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